Op-eds By Council

The Hill | October 1, 2020
How America Wins from a Pro-Climate Trade Policy
Author: Curt Morgan and Greg Bertelsen
FOX News | June 21, 2020
Carbon Fee Needed to Combat Climate Change
Author: James Baker, George Shultz and Ted Halstead
Washington Post | January 16, 2020
The Winning Conservative Climate Solution
Author: George Shultz and Ted Halstead
New York Times | January 9, 2020
We Can’t Slow Climate Change Without the Energy Companies
Author: Ted Halstead
Wall Street Journal | September 23, 2019
How to Cut Emissions Without Wrecking the Economy
Authors: Christopher Crane and Ted Halstead
Wall Street Journal | January 8, 2019
Lessons From 2018: Republicans Must Deal With Climate Change
Author: Ryan Costello
Washington Post | December 10, 2018
Here’s How to Win on Climate-Change Policy
Author: Ted Halstead
Wired | October 12, 2018
To Curb Climate Change, Tax Carbon – Then Give Americans the Money
Authors: George P. Shultz and Ted Halstead
Fortune | September 10, 2018
The Most Ambitious Climate Plan in History
Authors: Janet Yellen and Ted Halstead
The New York Times | June 21, 2018
Breaking the Climate Impasse
Authors: Trent Lott and John Breaux
Washington Post | June 20, 2017
The Inevitable Climate Solution
Authors: George P. Shultz and Lawrence H. Summers
Financial Times | June 20, 2017
Climate Progress is Not Dependent on Paris Accord
Author: Ted Halstead
New York Times | February 8, 2017
A Conservative Case for Climate Action
Authors: Martin S. Feldstein, Ted Halstead, and N. Gregory Mankiw
Wall Street Journal | February 7, 2017
A Conservative Answer to Climate Change
Authors: George P. Shultz and James A. Baker III
New York Times | May 9, 2017
The Business Case for the Paris Climate Accord
Authors: George P. Shultz and Ted Halstead
Fortune | February 24, 2017
How a Capitalist Should Tackle Climate Change
Author: Ted Halstead
National Review | February 28, 2017
Let the Carbon-Dividends Debate Begin
Author: George P. Shultz and Ted Halstead
Wall Street Journal | March 9, 2017
We Thought We Would Hit Your Sweet Spot
Authors: George P. Shultz and James A. Baker III
Bloomberg | April 5, 2017
To Shrink the Trade Deficit With China, Tax Carbon
Author: Ted Halstead
Dallas Morning News | February 15, 2017
The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax and Dividends
Author: James A. Baker III
MarketWatch | February 21, 2017
How Conservatives Would Limit Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fight Climate Change
Author: Martin Feldstein
Axios | March 24, 2017
It’s Not a Carbon Tax
Author: Ted Halstead
The Atlantic | November 16, 2015
The Republican Solution for Climate Change
Author: Ted Halstead
RealClearEnergy | November 13, 2019
The Climate Leadership Council’s Bipartisan Solution
Author: Greg Bertelsen

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