An Insurance Approach to Dealing with Climate Change

The Florida Times-Union

The battle over climate change too often has been waged on ideological, not scientific grounds.

Some fear climate change involves a socialistic takeover of the economy.

But there is a conservative approach to climate change, one based on insurance and risk management.

Several Republican leaders have proposed a conservative approach to dealing responsibly with climate change.

It is revenue neutral.

It will roll back regulations.

It will promote economic growth.

It will help working class Americans.


The bottom line: less government, more environmental protection and an economic boost to 70 percent of Americans.

Think of this as a national insurance policy against the risks of climate change.

As the carbon tax rises it would even help coal become more competitive through carbon capture and storage.

Among the authors of this Climate Leadership Council are James Baker III, Treasury secretary for President Ronald Reagan and secretary of state for President George H. W. Bush; Henry Paulsen, Treasury secretary for President George W. Bush; and George Shultz, secretary of state for Reagan.

Voters who supported Donald Trump for president also support dealing with climate, according to a national poll conducted for Yale University.


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