Conservatives Care About the Climate, Too. Philanthropy Should Stop Ignoring Them

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

We are two Republicans who, for the sake of our young kids and the country, are dedicated to helping America lead on climate.

We propose that the highest-leverage opportunity for philanthropists committed to achieving emissions reductions is investing in what’s known as the “eco-right” — the field of climate-forward, conservative nonprofits that is uniquely positioned to push, pull, and guide Republicans to climate leadership and bipartisan policy wins.

For example, the conservative climate nonprofit ClearPath routinely provides expert witnesses for congressional hearings and analysis of climate policy. Groups such as the Climate Leadership Council, where Neil is a senior policy adviser, and the American Conservation Coalition, where Carlos serves on the board of advisers, also work regularly to inform members of Congress and mobilize, respectively, business leaders and Gen Z conservatives in decarbonization efforts.

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