Founding Members

In June 2017, the Climate Leadership Council announced its initial Founding Members with a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. Since then, the Council has continued to add prominent companies, environmental organizations, and opinion leaders to our broad coalition. Hover over Founding Member logos and names to read quotes or see a complete list of statements here.

Corporate Founding Members

AECOM logo
Allianz logo
AT&T logo
Ford logo
GM logo
Goldman Sachs logo
IBM logo
Johnson and Johnson logo
JP Morgan Chase Logo
MetLife logo
P&G logo
Pepsico logo
Banco Santander logo
Schneider Electric logo

Energy Founding Members

BHP logo
bp logo
Calpine Logo
Conoco Phillips logo
Exelon logo
First Solar logo
Shell logo
Total logo
Vistra logo

NGO Founding Members

Conservation International logo
World Resources Institute logo
World Wildlife Foundation logo

Individual Founding Members

Ben Bernanke portrait

Ben Bernanke

Steven Chu portrait

Steven Chu

Ray Dalio portrait

Ray Dalio

Martin Feldstein portrait

Martin Feldstein

Christiana Figueres portrait

Christiana Figueres

Ted Halstead portrait

Ted Halstead

Stephen Hawking portrait

Stephen Hawking

N. Gregory Mankiw portrait

N. Gregory Mankiw

Ernest Moniz

Paul Polman portrait

Paul Polman

Klaus Schwab portrait

Klaus Schwab

Tom Stephenson portrait

Tom Stephenson

Lawrence Summers portrait

Lawrence Summers

Ratan Tata portrait

Ratan Tata

Rob Walton portrait

Rob Walton

Christine Todd Whitman headshot

Christine Todd Whitman

Janet Yellen portrait

Janet Yellen *Currently inactive because of government service

Distinguished Co-Authors of The Carbon Dividends Plan

James Baker porrtrait

James A. Baker, III

George P. Shultz portrait

George P. Shultz

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