USA Today |

Climate change: Put A Price on Carbon Pollution, then Refund the Money to Consumers

[…] To prevent further catastrophic changes in the world's climate, greenhouse gas emissions have to be slashed in the decades ahead. How to do that? One of the most sensible... Read More
The Washington Post |

Democrats and Republicans Should Both Embrace this Common-Sense, Planet-Saving Reform

CLIMATE CHANGE was the most important issue for a quarter of voters in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday; only health care ranked higher, according to exit polls.... Read More
The Boston Globe |

In an Era of Climate Urgency, We Need a Carbon Tax

[…] As world policy makers cast about for solutions, one that is winning increasing attention is a steadily increasingly tax on carbon dioxide emissions, centered on fossil fuels. Details would... Read More
St. Louis Post-Dispatch |

Old-School Conservatives Float a Solid Climate-Change Plan

Last month, a group of former Republican Party heavyweights — conservatives to their cores — unveiled a sensible plan to address climate change through a refundable tax on carbon. The... Read More
Barron’s |

The Greening of the Republicans?

Now that the U.S. has a new abundance of domestic oil and natural gas, what could be more natural than to tax it? As Ronald Reagan sarcastically summed up traditional... Read More
Dallas Morning News |

Conservative Group’s Carbon Plan Gives Us Hope for Climate Change Action

After decades of overwhelming scientific evidence showing that man-made emissions are endangering the planet's future, there should be no climate-change deniers left. If only that were true. Congressional Republicans refuse... Read More
Tampa Bay Times |

Republicans’ Carbon Tax Proposal

Editorial: Republicans' carbon tax proposal Whether a tax on carbon would be the most effective or even the most politically viable approach to addressing climate change remains to be seen.... Read More
Chicago Tribune |

A Better Remedy for Climate Change: Less Government and Less Pollution

The baking of planet Earth is proceeding without interruption. Last year was the hottest year on record, according to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — edging out... Read More
Lincoln Journal Star |

Republicans with a Plan for Climate

When Donald Trump moved in to the White House, it seemed logical that his administration would pull the plug on efforts to counter climate change. What else would anyone expect... Read More
San Antonio Express-News |

Carbon Tax Plan Worthy of Bipartisan Support

A group of venerable Republicans has put forward an intriguing carbon tax plan to address human impact on climate change. For too long, many Republicans have wanted the GOP to... Read More
Hattiesburg American |

A Serious Republican Idea on Climate Change

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the high temperature in Washington hit a record-shattering 74 degrees on Feb. 8, the day a bevy of Republican elder statesmen pitched White... Read More
Wisconsin State Journal |

GOP Needs to Tackle Climate Change

More conservatives are proposing action on climate change. Wisconsin’s Republican leaders should join the conversation and effort. James Baker and George Schultz, former Cabinet secretaries under President Ronald Reagan, outlined... Read More
The Houston Chronicle |

A Taxing Issue

Amid the gloom in Washington for those dismayed by President Donald Trump's positions on climate change, a ray of hope appeared last week in the form of Houston's own James... Read More
Livingston Daily |

Republican Carbon Tax Plan Could Work

The general outlines of the carbon tax plan proposed last week by a group of GOP stalwarts has been around for a while. Former Secretary of State George Shultz and... Read More
Springfield News-Leader |

A Serious Idea on Climate Change

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the high temperature in Washington hit a record-shattering 74 degrees on Wednesday, the day a bevy of Republican elder statesmen pitched White House... Read More
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel |

Republican Carbon Tax Plan Could Work

Climate change is a real threat. It’s happening now. Most Americans recognize that. This plan by GOP stalwarts deserves serious consideration. The general outlines of the carbon tax plan proposed... Read More
Nature |

US Republican Idea for Tax on Carbon Makes Climate Sense

A group of senior US Republicans has proposed an entirely sensible climate policy: put a substantial and steadily rising tax on carbon, and then send the proceeds back to citizens... Read More
Financial Times |

The Conservative Case for Taxing Carbon Emissions

As tough sells go, trying to interest the Republicans in the US Congress, or Donald Trump’s White House, in a new federal tax on carbon is a doozy. Nonetheless, Republican... Read More
The Florida Times-Union |

An Insurance Approach to Dealing with Climate Change

The battle over climate change too often has been waged on ideological, not scientific grounds. Some fear climate change involves a socialistic takeover of the economy. But there is a... Read More
The New York Times |

A Rare Republican Call to Climate Action

The most important thing about a carbon tax plan proposed last week may be the people behind it: prominent Republicans like James Baker III, George Shultz and Henry Paulson Jr.... Read More
New Haven Register |

An Elegant Climate Policy

Instead of indulging in the fiction that carbon emissions will take care of themselves with minimal government intervention, these veteran Republican hands endorsed what economists insist is the best approach... Read More
Boston Herald |

Beyond Climate Debate

Former Republican Cabinet members James Baker, Henry Paulson, and George Shultz, and five other prominent conservatives have proposed the best idea yet for combating supposed global warming — or as... Read More
The Spokesman-Review |

GOP Should Warm to Carbon Dividend

Some elder statesmen in the Republican Party have proposed a carbon tax to address global warming, but is it an answer the current ruling class could embrace? Key Trump administration... Read More
Bloomberg |

A Republican Carbon Tax

As economists, religious and military leaders, ordinary Americans and even oil companies have joined the push to lower greenhouse-gas emissions, Republicans have, for the most part, resisted. But now, a... Read More
USA Today |

A Serious Republican Idea on Climate Change: Our View

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the high temperature in Washington hit a record-shattering 74 degrees on Wednesday, the day a bevy of Republican elder statesmen pitched White House... Read More
The Washington Post |

A Group of Prominent Republicans Has an Excellent Plan to Fight Climate Change

A GROUP of prominent Republicans brought a refreshing message to Washington on Wednesday: Climate change is a threat that deserves serious attention, and the GOP should embrace smart ways of... Read More
National Audubon Society |

Climate Solutions Don’t Have a Party: Republicans Proved That Today

A revenue-neutral carbon tax is a proven method for reducing greenhouse gas pollution. WASHINGTON—Today, top White House officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, will meet with leaders from previous Republican... Read More

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