EU CBAM highlights need for US climate strategy

After months of negotiation, the EU has reached a provisional agreement on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). Starting in October 2023, EU imports of steel, aluminum, fertilizers, and more … Continued

Biden administration should chart strategy for US solar

The move by the Biden administration to intervene in a dispute over tariffs on solar parts from Southeast Asia poses a key question: what is our long-term strategy for promoting the buildout … Continued

How to Make China Pay for Carbon Emissions

As the European Union contemplates a carbon border-adjustment mechanism, the U.S. has everything to gain from moving first to establish the new rules around climate and trade (“Here Come the … Continued

The Smart Way to Reduce Emissions and Outmaneuver Our Rivals

[….] Most nations won’t risk their own economic well-being in the hope of reversing what is clearly a global problem. And it would be a mistake for the United States … Continued

How America Wins from a Pro-Climate Trade Policy

[…] A new, first-of-its-kind study by the MacronDyn Group and commissioned by our group, the Climate Leadership Council, reveals that the U.S. economy is three times more carbon efficient than … Continued

Carbon Fee Needed to Combat Climate Change

As our nation responds to the economic devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, a well-designed climate policy can strengthen America’s recovery and improve its strategic position in the world. Our bipartisan … Continued

The Strategic Case for U.S. Climate Leadership

In the United States, the case for greater action on climate change is typically made on environmental grounds. But there are equally compelling economic, geopolitical, and national security rationales for … Continued

The Winning Conservative Climate Solution

[…] There are essentially three ways to reduce emissions — regulations, subsidies and pricing. The first is the worst of all options for a party committed to free markets and … Continued

We Can’t Slow Climate Change Without the Energy Companies

There is a real danger that the climate debate is deteriorating into a game of name-calling, with oil and gas companies all too often portrayed as opponents of climate progress. … Continued

The Climate Leadership Council’s Bipartisan Solution

If you only casually follow the climate debate, you could be left with the impression that there are two camps sitting at opposite poles. You’ll read that on the right … Continued

How to Cut Emissions Without Wrecking the Economy

[…] Our plan, unlike many of the aspirational proposals floating around these days, is grounded in concrete modeling. It’s also backed up by an Emissions Assurance Mechanism, which specifies that … Continued

Lessons From 2018: Republicans Must Deal With Climate Change

While climate change may not be a top-tier issue for many older Americans, it certainly is for millennials, who will soon be the nation’s largest voting bloc. On the environment, … Continued

Here’s How to Win on Climate-Change Policy

[…] For a carbon tax to succeed in the political arena and last, it must not only be popular but also bipartisan and supported by key stakeholders in the debate. … Continued

To Curb Climate Change, Tax Carbon – Then Give Americans the Money

Most voters want the government to limit carbon emissions, but at a time when half of all Americans own less than $500 in savings, climate ranks low on their priority … Continued

The Most Ambitious Climate Plan in History

At the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, the United States committed to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions by 26% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025. Even though the Trump … Continued

Breaking the Climate Impasse

As former leaders of our parties in the United States Senate, we know what it takes to achieve a bipartisan breakthrough in Congress. For all the talk of discord in … Continued

The Inevitable Climate Solution

[…] Such a climate plan is not only feasible but is now gaining traction. On Tuesday, the Climate Leadership Council announced its founding members, a group of companies, opinion leaders … Continued

Climate Progress is Not Dependent on Paris Accord

[…] These founding members of the Climate Leadership Council are proposing a new consensus climate solution based on carbon dividends. Their plan is built on four interdependent pillars: a gradually … Continued

The Business Case for the Paris Climate Accord

President Trump faces a choice that will echo across his presidency and beyond: whether to remain in the Paris climate agreement. Although most Americans, his own secretaries of state and … Continued

To Shrink the Trade Deficit With China, Tax Carbon

When President Donald Trump assumes that any policy to curb greenhouse-gas emissions must be bad for economic growth, job creation and U.S. competitiveness, he has things backwards. This miscalculation extends … Continued

It’s Not a Carbon Tax

Reports about the debate inside the White House over a carbon tax — apparently inspired by the meeting that James A. Baker III, Martin Feldstein, Gregory Mankiw and I held … Continued

We Thought We Would Hit Your Sweet Spot

It’s hard to believe that the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal would oppose a conservative, free-market, revenue-neutral, limited-government, internationally competitive approach to the potential threat of climate change … Continued

Let the Carbon-Dividends Debate Begin

[…] The cornerstone of our opponents’ argument is that our plan would be regressive and place “undue economic burdens on American families,” especially those who are among our “nation’s economically … Continued

How a Capitalist Should Tackle Climate Change

The idea of using taxes to reduce pollution has long enjoyed widespread support among economists. Yet despite its impeccable economic logic, a tax on carbon has so far proven unpopular … Continued

How Conservatives Would Limit Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fight Climate Change

I recently joined several other former senior Republican officials in proposing a plan to limit carbon dioxide emissions. The group includes Jim Baker, Henry Paulson, and George Shultz — all … Continued

The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax and Dividends

Mounting evidence of climate change is growing too strong to ignore. While the extent to which climate change is due to man-made causes can be questioned, the risks associated with … Continued

A Conservative Case for Climate Action

[…] On-again-off-again regulation is a poor way to protect the environment. And by creating needless uncertainty for businesses that are planning long-term capital investments, it is also a poor way … Continued

A Conservative Answer to Climate Change

The responsible and conservative response should be to take out an insurance policy. Doing so need not rely on heavy-handed, growth-inhibiting government regulations. Instead, a climate solution should be based … Continued

The Republican Solution for Climate Change

William F. Buckley, widely considered the father of modern conservatism, once opined: “Conservatives pride themselves on resisting change, which is as it should be. But intelligent deference to tradition and … Continued

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