How Carbon Dividends Helps Families

How Carbon Dividends
Helps Families

A carbon fee is unique among climate policy approaches in that it generates revenue that can be returned to citizens, investing all Americans in a clean energy future.

With the carbon dividends plan:

All the revenue netted from the carbon fee is returned to Americans in quarterly payments. A family of four will receive about $2,000 a year.

Nationwide, household disposable income increases.

The vast majority of families come out financially ahead with this plan, collecting more in dividends than they pay out in increased energy costs.

Lower-income households come out most ahead, seeing a larger proportional boost in their spending power.

Impact By State

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Nationally: 8 in 10 households,
on average, come out ahead
with this plan

Source: Oxford Economics

Why is it on average?

While every person gets the same size dividend, the net benefit varies by household due to differences in household size, energy use, and other factors. It is not set in stone. Families can increase their benefit over the long run by investing in ways to shrink their carbon footprint. Or they can use it for other things they value. The dividend is theirs to spend as they choose.

Nationwide: 8 in 10 Deciles Come Out Ahead

Nationwide 8 in 10 Deciles graphic change in household disposable income

Source: Oxford Economics