Measuring Emissions


Consumers, firms, and governments are demanding a clearer picture of the carbon emitted along the entire goods manufacturing supply chain. At the same time, there is little to no agreement between countries or within industries on how to measure these emissions. This presents a complex challenge as, in the absence of common approaches, governments and the private sector are developing their own measurement solutions. What we’re building towards is an increasing number of incompatible approaches that prevent customers from being able to confidently determine which goods have the lowest carbon intensity. Delivering useful, goods-level data will require clearly defined, verifiable, administratively feasible—and perhaps most importantly, aligned—processes for measuring and reporting carbon intensity across industries and international borders. Better streamlined emissions measurement and reporting approaches will improve market certainty, create clarity about emissions impacts, and ultimately support global decarbonization.

Why It Matters

Informed Decision-Making
Precise carbon accounting empowers governments and businesses to make informed decisions. By quantifying emissions, stakeholders can identify areas for improvement, set realistic reduction targets, and implement strategies to mitigate climate impacts effectively.
Global Consistency
Standardized carbon accounting fosters global consistency, enabling meaningful comparisons and collaborations throughout supply chains and across borders. This harmonization is pivotal to creating a united front in addressing climate change and to easing compliance burdens on smaller firms and emerging markets.
Market Competitiveness
Companies with transparent and accurate carbon accounting gain a competitive edge in environmentally conscious markets. Consumers, investors, and partners are increasingly prioritizing eco-friendly practices.
Policy Effectiveness
Governments worldwide are implementing policies to curb emissions, and accurate carbon accounting is essential for their success. Transparent emissions measurements provide the foundation for effective policy design, implementation, and monitoring.
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