The Environmental Ambition of the Carbon Dividends Plan

The Environmental Ambition of
the Carbon Dividends Plan

Nothing would do more to accelerate innovation and invest all citizens in a clean energy future than an economy-wide carbon fee with corresponding dividends for the American people.

The Climate Leadership Council’s proposed economy-wide carbon price, starting at $43 per ton, would cut U.S. carbon emissions in half by 2035 all on its own. When paired with other commonly discussed policies like efficiency standards and nature-based investments, it can cut carbon emissions by 50% or more by 2030.


Chart of projected emissions 1990-2034

Fast: This policy will achieve steep emissions cuts in its first year. The faster we cut emissions, the more we slow climate change and prevent damage to ecosystems and human health.

Reliable: People can feel confident that this policy will achieve its emissions targets. The carbon fee is backed up by an emissions assurance mechanism that will kick in to increase the fee faster if emissions goals are not met.

Global: This plan reaches beyond America’s shores to hold other countries accountable for their emissions. Through a system of border carbon adjustments, it leverages the American consumer to promote clean energy around the world.

Amplifies all other climate policies: Whether you want to promote electric vehicles, carbon capture and sequestration, battery storage, renewables, nuclear, or any other low-carbon solution, a price on carbon will make it easier and cheaper.

Helps communities: This plan will create healthier communities as we protect the climate. It will cut some of the most common air pollutants by as much as half.

Criteria Air Pollutant Projections from Power, Transport
and Industry (% Change from 2019)

chart of Carbon Fees affect on pollutants