Center for Climate and Trade

Center for Climate and Trade

The Climate Leadership Council’s Center for Climate and Trade explores and advances policies that leverage trade relationships and the global market economy towards greater international cooperation and climate ambition.

The Challenge

Addressing climate change at the necessary scale and speed will require a variety of tools and ever-greater global collaboration. A quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are embedded in goods that are traded internationally. Yet the current trade system hinders climate progress by failing to reward efficient producers or maintain the competitiveness of industries in countries pursuing ambitious climate measures.

The Way Forward

If we are to succeed in addressing this global challenge, we must increasingly marry climate and trade policy. Doing so has the potential to substantially lower global emissions, create worldwide incentives for cleaner manufacturing, and compel all countries to do their part.

Who We Work With

The Center works with companies, environmental leaders, labor interests, think tanks, scholars, and organizations eager to explore the benefits and opportunities at the climate-trade policy nexus. Participants have diverse viewpoints on specific policies, but are united by their sincere interest in finding effective solutions to this global challenge.

What We Do

The Center collaborates with a diverse group of experts and stakeholders exploring policies at the nexus of climate and trade. We are focused on promoting thought leadership, producing pioneering research, and engaging and educating lawmakers.

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