The PROVE IT Act: Next Steps

U.S. Representatives John Curtis (R-UT) and Scott Peters (D-CA) voiced early support for the bipartisan “Providing Reliable, Objective, Verifiable Emissions Intensity and Transparency (PROVE IT) Act.” They joined the Council for an in-person event on Capitol Hill to talk about the PROVE IT Act for the first time since introducing it in the House. The discussion included why the PROVE IT Act matters, why it’s important to recognize the U.S. advantage in carbon-efficient manufacturing, and what the next steps could look like.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data from the PROVE IT Act has the potential to protect and advance U.S. investments in lower-emissions manufacturing.
  • It can serve as a tool to help encourage global emissions reductions among our trading partners. With data in hand, U.S. trade negotiators can better support the interests and competitiveness of American businesses and workers. 
  • The PROVE IT Act can support faster permitting of new manufacturing and critical infrastructure projects by demonstrating the net emissions benefits of U.S. investments.

To learn more about the benefits of the PROVE IT Act, see the Council’s statement.

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