Young conservatives more energized about GOP-led climate agenda, experts say

Washington Examiner

A majority of young Republican voters say they want their GOP members of Congress to work on climate initiatives, according to a recent study by the Climate Leadership Council.

The results revealed that more than 50% of likely Republican voters support a climate agenda, but they want to see GOP lawmakers taking the lead. When broken down by age, more than 70% of younger conservatives voted in support.

But, as CLC CEO Greg Bertelsen pointed out, the context matters.

“We weren’t going to see these results if we asked Republican voters to support the Green New Deal,” Bertelsen told the Washington Examiner.

“But if we’re asking them, ‘Are you supportive of the kinds of policies that Republicans who are stepping into climate are supporting,’ we see a tremendous amount of support,” he said.

The policies conservatives tend to support are related to leveraging U.S. carbon advantage, domestic production, and “outcompeting China,” Bertelsen added. But the trend shows that voters across the electorate (Republicans, independents, and Democrats) support this strategy.

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