Biden administration should chart strategy for US solar

The Hill
June 26, 2022
By Greg Bertelsen

The move by the Biden administration to intervene in a dispute over tariffs on solar parts from Southeast Asia poses a key question: what is our long-term strategy for promoting the buildout of zero- and low-carbon resources domestically, while ensuring U.S. manufacturers are a dominant global player in the clean energy transition?


The administration now has an opportunity to chart a longer-term strategy that fulfills its ambition to decarbonize the U.S. power sector while positioning the U.S. to become a solar manufacturing leader. Such a strategy must enhance the competitiveness of our cleaner domestic manufacturers, incentivize the installation of panels with lower carbon intensity, and ensure there is adequate supply of panels to meet U.S. demand.


The Biden administration has an opportunity to harness trade policy to accelerate the build out of clean energy while rewarding the use of lower-carbon panels and the U.S. companies that make them. This is how it can deliver a win — not just for solar installers or solar manufacturers — but for the climate.