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Statement on Environmental Protection Agency’s Proposed Power Plant Rules

WASHINGTON, DC – Climate Leadership Council CEO Greg Bertelsen issued the following statement regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed power plant regulations:

“The EPA’s proposed power plant rules are a reminder that as the U.S. charts its climate strategy, an economywide carbon price remains the most powerful, flexible, predictable, and durable tool we have yet to deploy. As we head down a familiar years-long path of partisanship and eventual court cases, it’s a reminder to all sides that the best option is still available.  

A gradually rising carbon fee would replace the need for carbon regulations for power plants, while delivering emission reductions in the power sector and throughout the economy. Establishing a clear price signal would provide long-term certainty to drive clean energy investments, allow all energy sources and technologies to compete for adoption, promote innovation across all sectors, and strengthen the reliability of the electric grid throughout the decarbonization process. Coupled with a border carbon adjustment, a carbon fee would boost the competitiveness of American manufacturers. These outcomes can be achieved while financially benefitting middle- and low-income households and without adding a cent to the national debt.”

The Climate Leadership Council works with a broad set of stakeholders to promote the most cost-effective, equitable and politically-viable climate solutions.

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