The Case for a Bipartisan Solution

The Case for a
Bipartisan Solution

Why a climate policy needs broad support.

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Policies that are supported by members of both parties are far more likely to pass and to last. And they can achieve more in the long run simply by standing the test of time.

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A stable policy, supported by members of both parties, offers the certainty and predictability that investors, entrepreneurs, and consumers need to make clean energy investments with confidence.

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Climate change demands a global solution. A climate policy that shifts with each new administration or Congress hampers America’s ability to lead the world towards lasting climate progress.

Americans want a bipartisan solution.

When Americans have faced great challenges in the past, we have rallied around solutions. The scale and speed of climate change requires that Americans come together in support of a lasting and effective policy.

A consensus climate solution is within our reach. Polls show that broad majorities of the public, including voters of both parties, want federal action to address climate change.

8 to 1

Voters say they are more concerned about climate change

6 to 1

Voters want any national climate solution to be bipartisan

Source: Morning Consult

Why carbon dividends is the
bipartisan climate solution

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A carbon fee harnesses market forces to quickly slash emissions across the entire economy. It’s a free market approach with a dramatic environmental impact.

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Quarterly dividends payments reward all Americans for reducing emissions. The lowest-earning 8 out of 10 households, on average, come out financially ahead with this plan.

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Border carbon adjustments offer an effective strategy for getting other major economies to follow our lead, while creating an incentive for investments in job growth here in the United States.

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No other climate policy has united such a broad set of stakeholders or holds such strong bipartisan appeal.

Who supports the
carbon dividends plan:

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Voters Overall

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Republicans Under 40

Source: Morning Consult