GOP pollster Frank Luntz warns Republicans risk losing young voters over climate change

Washington Examiner
June 12, 2019
By Josh Siegel

GOP consultant Frank Luntz is warning Republicans that climate change is a political vulnerability with Republican voters under 40.

A memo being distributed to all Republican congressional offices Wednesday details results of a recent survey Luntz’s firm conducted about a carbon tax plan proposed by the Climate Leadership Council, a Republican-backed group. Almost all Republicans in Congress oppose carbon pricing.

Luntz’s memo, obtained by the Washington Examiner, says, “Climate Change is a GOP VULNERABILITY and a GOP OPPORTUNITY.”

It also warns that climate change “is the ONE area where BIPARTISANSHIP trumps everything else.”

It details polling from Luntz Global finding that 58% of GOP voters under 40 are more concerned about climate change now than they were a year ago.

The polling also shows 69% of GOP voters are concerned their party is “hurting itself with younger voters” by its climate stance.

The memo notes the polling reveals 2-1 support among GOP voters for the Climate Leadership Council’s carbon tax and dividend plan, which would return the revenue to taxpayers.

Fifty-three percent of Republican voters support the carbon dividends approach. The GOP support is more pronounced in younger people, with 75% of Republicans under 40 years old backing the proposal.

Luntz Global conducted the online poll of 1,000 voters last month on the behalf of the Climate Leadership Council.

The memo from Luntz, the GOP pollster, is notable because he previously advised the George W. Bush administration to use the term “climate change” instead of “global warming” because it sounded less threatening.