Trump ran as an ally to business — but snubbed America’s CEOs by pulling out of the Paris accord

The Washington Post
June 2, 2017
By Jena McGregor

President Trump campaigned as the real estate executive who was going to bring a businessman’s sensibilities to Washington. During the transition, he rolled out the welcome mat at Trump Tower, inviting a parade of CEOs from every industry imaginable. He stocked his Cabinet with business leaders, suggested to Silicon Valley chieftains there was an open line to his office — “You’ll call my people, you call me. It doesn’t make any difference” — and spent his first full weekday in the White House hosting a who’s-who of American industry, promising to meet often about what could help their industries. “We’ll have these meetings every — whenever you need them, actually — but I would say every quarter, perhaps,” he said during that early meeting.