Why College Republicans Think the GOP Should Act on Climate Change

February 28, 2018
By Justin Worland

A group of more than 20 college Republican groups issued a call to action on climate change Wednesday with the endorsement of a proposal for a federally imposed carbon tax.

The announcement from the newly-announced Students for Carbon Dividends group is the latest signal of a fissure between an older generation of elected Republicans who view climate change policies with skepticism and young conservatives who accept global warming science and want to see a conservative solution to the problem.

“People are really looking past the politics,” says Alexander Posner, president of the coalition and a Yale College student. “They’re interested in having a conversation about solutions.”

Student leaders behind the alliance, which includes college Republican groups from a diverse array of schools stretching from the heartland to New England, will promote a proposal for the federal government to tax carbon dioxide emissions from industry and return the revenue to taxpayers as a dividend. The plan also calls for a repeal of Obama-era climate change regulations.