Climate Leadership Council Launches New Website

May 6, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – The Climate Leadership Council launched a new website today. The launch culminated a months-long design process to prioritize more intuitive navigation, improved search features, and resource-rich hubs for each of the Council’s core research areas: America’s carbon advantage, trade, measuring emissions, and carbon dividends.

“The Climate Leadership Council’s work has always been rooted in collaboration. Our goal was for our website to reflect that ethos by providing the best possible tools and experience to stakeholders,” said Climate Leadership Council executive vice president and COO Tiffany Adams. “The new site also tells the modern story of the Council and our expanding portfolio of recent work, which most notably includes the pioneering Center for Climate and Trade.”

The Climate Leadership Council launched in 2017 and has experienced continual growth and evolution in the years since. Its focus remains rooted in leveraging market forces to incentivize clean technology investments, innovation, and lower emissions. The new website highlights these and core achievements including:

  • 2017: Released the Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends – a four-pillar plan co-authored by Secretaries Jim Baker and George Shutz, among others.
  • 2019: Announced thousands of American economists, including 28 Nobel laureates, endorsed our approach in the Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends.
  • 2020: Released the Bipartisan Climate Roadmap – a refinement of the four-pillar plan for carbon dividends legislation with input from the Council’s broad coalition; endorsed by major editorial boards.
  • 2020: Released America’s Carbon Advantage, which uncovered the striking U.S. carbon efficiency advantage over key trading partners, inspiring legislation supported by Democrats and Republicans.
  • 2022: Launched the Center for Climate and Trade and the Case for Climate and Trade report. A significant focus on climate and trade policy in D.C. has followed, as seen recently by the administration launching its own climate and trade task force.
  • 2023: Released Principles for Well-Designed Carbon Intensity Import Fees in the United States and first-of-its-kind research on WTO compliance. Several bills subsequently released in Congress offering approaches to carbon import fees.

To learn more about the Council and its research, please visit the new website at