What Fixing the Ozone Layer Can Teach Us About Carbon Import Fees

Council Releases New White Paper:

The Global Arrangement for Sustainable Steel and Aluminum & New Opportunities for Climate Cooperation

Event recap: Understanding the PROVE IT Act

The Climate Leadership Council promotes the most effective, fair and politically viable climate solutions.

Climate Perspectives (Blog)

Shipping containers on a boat in the ocean. Imports will now face fees for carbon emissions under the CBAM.

The Relative CBAM Cost Burden

Blog Article  | 5 min read
An image of European Union flags. The EU CBAM is set to go into effect.

Projecting CBAM Impacts

Blog Article  | 4 min read

When Climate Action is Justified, Carbon Import Fees Are Warranted

Blog Article  | 4 min read

The Bipartisan Climate Solution

Our carbon dividends plan will cut U.S. carbon emissions in half by 2035 while investing all Americans in a clean energy future.

The Vision

The TED Talk that tells the story of carbon dividends and our founder’s vision.

The most powerful differentiator to our approach: our allies on both sides of the aisle.

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