Facing the Future: Border Carbon Adjustments Gain Bipartisan Attention In Congress

This week on Facing the Future, a welcome respite from talk of the debt ceiling crisis to focus on an interesting legislative concept getting considerable bipartisan attention in Congress called Border Carbon … Continued

How a European law might get companies around the world to cut climate pollution

The European Union is ushering in a new era of international trade that could help rein in climate change. Lawmakers for the group of 27 countries adopted rules for taxing imports based … Continued

Climate group with GOP roots a go-to for tariff push

Four senators — two Democratic, two Republican — plan to unveil proposals in coming weeks that would slap a tariff on carbon-intensive goods coming into the United States from abroad. … Continued

As European tax looms, a border fee draws bipartisan focus

On both sides of Capitol Hill, there is budding interest in implementing taxes on carbon-intensive goods that enter the U.S., though Democrats and Republicans tend to be interested for different … Continued

Carbon tariff talks start

A bipartisan group of senators and staffers met with NGOs on Thursday morning to talk about carbon tariffs. The discussions are nascent, but the meeting shows there’s serious interest on … Continued

EcoRight Speaks, season six, episode two: Catrina Rorke

Catrina Rorke, the executive director of the Center for Climate and Trade, joins RepublicEn’s EcoRight Speaks. Last year, she came on the show to talk about the benefits of a carbon … Continued

Closing the carbon loophole with the Climate Leadership Council

Council CEO Greg Bertelsen and Senior Vice President of Policy and Research Catrina Rorke joined Penta’s What’s at Stake podcast to discuss some of the Council’s recent climate and trade work. They … Continued

We’ve Made Big Steps in Fighting Climate Change. Here’s What’s Next

This summer, a political miracle occurred. Against powerful opposition and long odds, despite being written off by pundits, and by the narrowest of margins, we passed the biggest American climate … Continued

Conservatives Care About the Climate, Too. Philanthropy Should Stop Ignoring Them

We are two Republicans who, for the sake of our young kids and the country, are dedicated to helping America lead on climate. … We propose that the highest-leverage opportunity … Continued

Young conservatives more energized about GOP-led climate agenda, experts say

A majority of young Republican voters say they want their GOP members of Congress to work on climate initiatives, according to a recent study by the Climate Leadership Council. The results revealed that more than 50% of likely Republican … Continued

‘Glass all the way full’: Young conservatives embrace GOP-led climate goals

“Plugged In” hosts Neil Chatterjee and energy reporter Breanne Deppisch welcome Climate Leadership Council CEO Greg Bertelsen to talk about how recent polling shows more conservatives are getting energized over … Continued

Half of voters say climate change is important in midterms, poll finds

With less than a month until Election Day, roughly half of registered voters say climate change is either “very important” or “one of the most important issues” in their vote … Continued

A Carbon Border Fee Could Unify Conservatives (and Progressives, Too)

With climate stakeholders scrambling in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on West Virginia v. EPA at the end of the session, the biggest takeaway message is this: Congress … Continued

Carbon tariffs are coming. Here’s how the U.S. is preparing

The world’s first carbon border fee was always expected to roil nations that export their emissions through polluting goods. Now it could go further than originally proposed. The European Union … Continued

This GOP Senator Wants to Be in a Global Climate Club

…The role of trade in climate policy has recently gained traction among a small group of Republican senators, who argue that carbon border fees can help the U.S. gain trade … Continued

Sen. Cramer Participates in a Conversation with the Climate Leadership Council

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND), member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, joined the Climate Leadership Council for a conversation about bipartisan opportunities surrounding the integration … Continued

G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Communiqué

Read the statement from the U.S. Treasury: CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT The G7 reaffirms its steadfast commitment to the goals of the Paris Agreement and to implement domestic measures aimed at … Continued

USTR’s Peisch: Emissions-Focused Trade Tools Could Drive ‘Race to the Top’

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative believes trade tools offer significant untapped potential for reducing global emissions and plans to address such measures in collaboration with like-minded partners, USTR … Continued

New policy group will focus on climate and trade

The bipartisan Climate Leadership Council launched a new center today aimed at shaping U.S. trade policies to rein in rising emissions. It comes as trade takes a more prominent place … Continued

The US-EU green steel deal: Climate breakthrough or lipstick on a pig?

US President Joe Biden was handed a number of ticking time bombs by his predecessor Donald Trump. One of them was an ongoing trade war with the EU, in which … Continued

Use Climate and Trade Policy to Counter Putin’s Playbook

… We have an opportunity to counter Putin’s playbook with a bold initiative consistent with European priorities: a transatlantic climate and trade initiative that would cut global greenhouse gas emissions, … Continued

How to Make a Carbon Club Work

The United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland—known as COP26—closed on Nov. 13 with a new climate agreement: the Glasgow Climate Pact. The pact reaffirms the global community’s commitment to … Continued

As climate change policy takes shape, will the U.S. ever put a price on carbon?

The world needs to reduce carbon levels, and one way is through a carbon tax, a strategy the U.S. has been debating for decades. … In a plan put together by the Climate Leadership Council, a climate advocacy … Continued

A green deal to cull Trump-era metals tariffs

Another week passes, and another Trump-era trade irritant between the US and EU has been partially resolved. This time it’s the 2018 steel and aluminium tariffs the US slapped on … Continued

Tariffs to Tackle Climate Change Gain Momentum. The Idea Could Reshape Industries.

Governments in the U.S., Europe and other developed nations are embarking on a climate-change experiment: using tariffs on trade to cut carbon emissions. The idea has the potential to rewrite the rules … Continued

Pricing Carbon Emissions To Tackle Climate Change Beats Regulations

As world leaders convene at the Glasgow Climate Summit, the over-riding issue is what can be done to tackle climate change now that the United States has rejoined the Paris Accord. Negotiators … Continued

At G-20 Summit, U.S. Agrees to Relax Tariffs on European Steel

The U.S. and the European Union have reached a deal to ease U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that date to former President Donald Trump, levies that were a longstanding irritant … Continued

New Polling Shows GOP Support for BCA

The Climate Leadership Council, a GOP-backed group supporting a carbon tax that returns the revenue to taxpayers, is out with polling this morning showing wide-spread support for a border carbon … Continued

Chatterjee on climate, FERC fights and his ‘cooling off’ period

This spring, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit an all-time high. As of this week, the fate of major federal climate change legislation seems to be in limbo. But … Continued

Hugely Important Moments Of Truth Loom For Carbon Pricing Policy: Bold Leadership Required Now

Two climate moments of truth loom on the immediate horizon. The first will occur in Washington, DC before the end of October, and pertains to whether the United States Congress … Continued

Sheldon Whitehouse says carbon pricing is ‘highly likely’ for Democratic spending package

A new fee on carbon emissions is “highly likely” to be included in Democrats’ climate and social spending package and the Biden administration is coming around to understand the “serious … Continued

Former Republican FERC chairman joins group promoting carbon tax

Neil Chatterjee, during his tenure as chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, was eager to be among the first Republicans in government to signal support for carbon pricing. That position put … Continued

What if the US taxed fossil fuels and gave a check to every American? Turns out, most of the public is into that idea

In 1992 at the Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities was codified into international environmental law. This principle … Continued

This Climate Bill Would Actually Send Checks To Americans. Can It Help Save The Planet And Grow Our Economy?

… Do Republicans Hate It? That depends on who you ask. A notable group — including James A. Baker, Henry Paulson, George P. Shultz, Marty Feldstein, Greg Mankiw and Bob … Continued

Why a price is right for carbon

In their new budget plan, Senate Democrats call for a tax on imports from high-emitting countries, but they lack a carbon price at home. According to economists on the right and the … Continued

The EU and US dip into a carbon trade fight

The European Union rolled out a plan this week to impose “climate tariffs” against countries that lack aggressive emissions-reduction policies, potentially presaging a trade conflict that could complicate the fight … Continued

After Decades of Offering Climate Carrots, Europe Adds a Stick In Its ‘Fit for 55’ Policy Roadmap

The European Union unveiled a new policy roadmap Wednesday designed to slash its emissions 55% over the next decade. The plan calls for a strengthening of the bloc’s carbon pricing scheme, increasing … Continued

‘Way out in front’: E.U. races ahead with muscular carbon plan

Europe announced climate actions yesterday that would reshape the continent’s economy by eliminating gasoline cars, catapulting renewable energy over fossil fuels and discouraging carbon-heavy goods from crossing its borders. A … Continued

Wiggle room for the US?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said yesterday during meetings with EU officials in Brussels that countries such as the U.S. that are regulating carbon dioxide emissions using methods other than carbon pricing should … Continued

The ‘smart’ carbon pricing plan

Climate change damage is greatly accelerating, so we must address how to greatly decelerate greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon tax framework proposed by James A. Baker III and Greg Bertelsen was a made-to-order game … Continued

1st carbon border tax is coming. What it means for the U.S.

The European Union is close to outlining its plan for the world’s first border tax on carbon emissions, and the effort has elicited a mix of inspiration, curiosity and concern … Continued

Pay for the Infrastructure Bill With a Carbon Tax

Even if negotiators in Washington reach an agreement on a package to improve the nation’s infrastructure, paying for it will prove a major obstacle. This week, a bipartisan group of … Continued

How the US steel industry could benefit from a carbon tax and ‘border adjustment’

Both the United States steel industry and the environment would be big winners if policymakers imposed a new tax on carbon-intensive imports with a similar duty on their domestic counterparts, … Continued

Carbon Tax Could Boost U.S. Steel, Other Industries

A carbon tax could give U.S. steel makers and other industries a leg up on foreign imports—if combined with a border tariff on more carbon-intensive imports from China and other … Continued

CO2 border tax would help U.S. reach climate goals — report

The Biden administration is reaching deep into its toolbox for ways to lower carbon emissions and boost U.S. manufacturing. So far, that hasn’t included a border tax on carbon-intensive imports. … Continued

China and US look to rekindle Paris bond to reach net zero

Last month, two veteran diplomats met in Shanghai to renew a 20-year-old working relationship and hammer out the text of a sensitive joint communiqué. The communiqué in question — the … Continued

How Republicans are constructing an America First climate policy

Earlier this week, Kevin McCarthy, leader of Republicans in the House of Representatives, announced the formation of a task force on climate change. Led by Rep. Garret Graves, ranking member … Continued

U.S. Could Halve Emissions Using Only a Carbon Tax

The U.S. could halve its emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide by 2035, solely by adopting a carbon tax, the Climate Leadership Council said in a report out today, Dean Scott … Continued

Carbon Fee Could Halve Emissions by 2035, Report Says

A new report from the Climate Leadership Council says the carbon tax proposal developed by former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker III and the late George Shultz would slash U.S. carbon emissions by … Continued

Bonus Beltway energy and climate notes

Executives with corporate heavyweights like Exxon, Ford and IBM are meeting with Democratic and Republican senators this week on climate policy. Where it stands: The meetings are under the banner … Continued

Oil, utility execs lobby senators on carbon fee

Executives from oil companies, utilities and some of the world’s biggest companies are meeting with senators and staff this week to push a carbon-fee-and-dividend proposal. The Climate Leadership Council has … Continued

Oil companies lobby for carbon tax

Oil company leaders and other business executives are meeting virtually this week with more than a dozen Democratic and Republican senators to advocate for a carbon tax. The companies are … Continued

Report: Tax and dividend cheaper than regulations

A carbon tax-and-dividend policy would be far less costly to the economy than similar greenhouse gas reductions achieved through regulatory means, according to a new analysis. The analysis found that implementing the … Continued

GOP group claims its carbon tax is better for the economy than climate mandates

A Republican-backed group pushing for Congress to pass a carbon tax is out with a new study Friday showing it would achieve the same level of emissions reductions as a regulatory approach … Continued

Carbon Tax Trade for Climate Rules Touted for Economic Boost

A plan by prominent Republicans and business leaders to enact a carbon tax rather than new climate regulations could have significant advantages in growing the U.S. economy, a study released … Continued

GOP-backed group presents new case for carbon tax: It will help compete with China

The United States has an advantage over China in producing goods and services at lower rates of carbon emissions, a GOP-backed group said in a new report Wednesday aimed at winning over Republicans skeptical … Continued

Seeking to shore up support, GOP carbon tax group claims $1 trillion in economic benefits

A Republican-backed group pushing for Congress to pass a carbon tax is out with a new study Friday showing it would significantly reduce emissions while unlocking more than $1 trillion … Continued

Carbon Price Group’s Model Finds Tax Would Lead to 57% Emissions Reduction By 2035

Research commissioned by a coalition of leading energy companies and major corporations has found that taxing carbon could reduce emissions by 57 percent by 2035 compared with 2005, when the … Continued

A Group of Big Businesses Is Backing a Carbon Tax. Could It Be a Solution to Climate Change?

The long list of big companies backing a carbon tax as a solution to climate change grew this week with financial giant J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. endorsing a legislative plan billed … Continued

Banking giants Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase join GOP-led carbon tax push

Global banking giants JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are joining a Republican-backed group pushing for Congress to pass a carbon tax. The banks join a wide array of businesses in … Continued

Senators huddle over dinner with carbon-tax backers

Nearly two dozen proponents of a carbon tax across the corporate, economic and advocacy spectrum pitched their climate plan to a bipartisan group of senators over dinner this week. Why … Continued

Corporations push carbon tax plan, aiming to cut emissions in half by 2035

WASHINGTON – Some the America’s largest corporations are pitching a carbon tax plan to Republicans and Democrats in Congress, enlisting figures including former Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen and former … Continued

Investment Banks Join Yellen, Corporate Heads to Push Carbon Tax

Investment banks JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are backing a plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions, as former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and executives from more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies pitched … Continued

The fastest way to cut carbon emissions is a ‘fee’ and a dividend, top leaders say

A group of prominent politicians, economists, and corporate executives is renewing its push in Congress for a plan that would tax carbon and refund all the money to Americans in … Continued

Carbon tax campaign unveils new details and backers

Driving the news: U.S. carbon dioxide emissions would be cut in half by 2035 under a $40-a-ton carbon tax that increases 5% above inflation annually, according to a new goal … Continued

Climate Group That Unites Yellen, Exxon Unveils Carbon Tax Plan

Major oil, power and consumer products companies are releasing their most specific plans yet for a nationwide tax on carbon dioxide that promises to halve U.S. emissions of the greenhouse … Continued

GOP pollster Luntz: Majority of younger Republicans worried by party stance on climate change

Prominent GOP pollster Frank Luntz is warning Republican lawmakers that the public’s views on climate change are shifting and that ignoring the issue could cost them important votes at the ballot box. In … Continued

GOP Pollster to Congress: Young Republicans Care About Climate

Nearly three-quarters of Republican voters think the party is shooting itself in the foot with younger voters when it comes to its stance on climate change, a memo circulating Capitol … Continued

GOP pollster Frank Luntz warns Republicans risk losing young voters over climate change

GOP consultant Frank Luntz is warning Republicans that climate change is a political vulnerability with Republican voters under 40. A memo being distributed to all Republican congressional offices Wednesday details … Continued

Some Republican Lawmakers Break With Party on Climate Change

A small but growing number of Republican lawmakers are urging action on climate change, driven by shifting sentiment among GOP voters and the effects of global warming, from stronger hurricanes … Continued

From Greenspan to Yellen, Economic Brain Trust Backs Carbon Tax

An all-star lineup of economists, from Alan Greenspan to Paul Volcker, is endorsing a plan to combat climate change by slapping a tax on greenhouse gas emissions and then distributing … Continued

Former Fed Leaders, Economists Rally Around Carbon Tax

WASHINGTON—An all-star roster of former Federal Reserve leaders and White House economic advisers are signing on to a new statement in support of a carbon tax on businesses that sends … Continued

Former Fed chairmen and Nobel economists voice support for carbon tax

America’s leading economic establishment has penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed in support of taxing carbon dioxide emissions, eliminating other regulations and returning the resulting money to consumers in the form of a … Continued

Poll finds support for business-backed carbon tax plan

A carbon tax backed by some big businesses and former Republican officials has the support of most voters, a survey commissioned by the group backing it found. The Climate Leadership … Continued

Yellen Touts Carbon Tax as ‘Textbook Solution’ to Climate Change

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says a tax on carbon dioxide emissions would do more to combat climate change than a slew of federal environmental regulations being undone by … Continued

Janet Yellen calls for US carbon tax to curb climate change

Janet Yellen has spoken out in support of a carbon tax as the most effective and efficient way to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions. Ms. Yellen, who chaired the US … Continued

Nuclear, renewable firms fund new group pushing carbon tax

A bipartisan pair of former congressional leaders, backed by corporate money, are launching a seven-figure advocacy and lobbying group in support of a carbon tax. Why it matters: It’s a … Continued

Conservative Group Will Push for Carbon Tax, a Contrast to GOP Resistance

A group of veteran conservative political leaders are launching a political-action committee to push for a U.S. carbon tax, a move potentially funded by several large corporations that could test … Continued

New Group, With Conservative Credentials, Plans Push for a Carbon Tax

Proponents of a market-oriented plan to fight climate change by taxing greenhouse gas emissions and giving the revenue to American taxpayers are starting a campaign to run advertisements as early … Continued

Why College Republicans Think the GOP Should Act on Climate Change

A group of more than 20 college Republican groups issued a call to action on climate change Wednesday with the endorsement of a proposal for a federally imposed carbon tax. … Continued

Big Oil backs carbon tax push

A strange bedfellows coalition, including four of the world’s biggest oil and natural gas producers, environmental groups and political leaders, are announcing a unified push urging Congress to enact a … Continued

The Energy 202: Exxon, GM and Pepsi plan to back carbon tax floated by ex-GOP officials

A group of nearly a dozen multinational corporations is backing a plan from senior Republican statesmen to replace President Obama’s greenhouse-gas regulations with a carbon tax. The coalition of former GOP officials — which … Continued

Big Oil wants to tax itself and give cash to Americans

Major oil companies including ExxonMobil (XOM), BP (BP), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and Total (TOT) backed a carbon tax proposal on Tuesday that has been gaining traction in Washington. Other big-name backers include billionaire former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, … Continued

Big Oil Steps Up Support for Carbon Tax

Some of the world’s largest oil companies and the country’s biggest auto maker are joining a group pushing the U.S. government to tax carbon in an effort to slow climate … Continued

ExxonMobil and Stephen Hawking Just Agreed to the Same Climate Fix

Less than three weeks after President Donald Trump pulled the United States from the 195-nation Paris Agreement on climate change, there’s a new ragtag group of underdogs supporting carbon-cutting. ExxonMobil Corp., … Continued

Trump ran as an ally to business — but snubbed America’s CEOs by pulling out of the Paris accord

President Trump campaigned as the real estate executive who was going to bring a businessman’s sensibilities to Washington. During the transition, he rolled out the welcome mat at Trump Tower, inviting a … Continued

Exxon’s New CEO Backs Carbon Tax Too

Will it have an effect on national policy? Or is it just the opinion of the new chief executive of Exxon Mobil, Darren Woods? Since he replaced Rex Tillerson — … Continued

If EPA Chief Pruitt Is Listening To Private Enterprise, He’ll Think About Pricing Carbon

Now that Scott Pruitt has been confirmed as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, he must determine what his priorities are and whether his agency should actively pursue carbon dioxide emissions … Continued

Bozmoski: On climate, a better way for Paul Ryan

A confident America acts decisively to ensure our next generation inherits a safe and healthy climate. To the extent that America ever had a climate-change policy, it’s about to be … Continued

A Carbon Tax Plan Proposal: What Are Its Prospects?

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2017, a group of prominent Republicans and business leaders from the Climate Leadership Council released a carbon tax proposal entitled “The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends.” Acknowledging … Continued

GOP elders push for climate action

TODAY, LET’S take a cue from the poet Max Ehrmann and go placidly amid the noise and haste and disarray, the conflict, confusion, and incompetence, the rancor, recrimination, and scheming, the … Continued

What Should Government Do With Carbon Tax Revenues?

The other day, a high-powered group of former senior Republican policy advisers and business executives proposed replacing regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gases with a gradually increasing carbon tax starting at $40-a-ton. … Continued

Heed Republican elders’ carbon-tax wisdom

Address climate change and send Americans a check at the same time. That’s the nut of an intriguing idea put together by a group of Republican elders. The plan would … Continued

The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax

A REPUBLICAN GROUP THAT includes elder statesmen James Baker, George Shultz and Henry Paulson lobbied White House aides this week for a carbon tax to fight global warming. There’s a snowball’s chance in a … Continued

This Tax Could Save the Planet From Climate Change

Not everything went perfectly for Ted Halstead this week. When the limousine he shared with James Baker—former secretary of state, Treasury, and two-time presidential chief of staff—pulled up to the White … Continued

The blue-collar climate plan

The idea is simple, popular and effective: Make a bad thing – polluting the atmosphere – more expensive; and therefore make it cheaper for people and businesses to live cleaner. … Continued

What climate change action, Republican-style, might look like

Climate-change activists keep knocking on President Trump’s door. Only this time, it’s not Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s former Reagan Treasury Secretary James Baker – backed up by a … Continued

Republicans Offer to Tax Carbon Emissions

A group of prominent Republicans released a “conservative” plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions today, arguing that replacing Obama-era policies with a carbon-tax-and-dividend system would be a politically feasible way … Continued

A group of prominent Republicans just launched a longshot bid for a carbon tax

Former Secretary of State James Baker led a group of senior Republican statesmen today in rolling out a plan for using a carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The … Continued

High-profile Republicans propose tax on carbon emissions

A group of Republican elder statesmen released a plan to fight climate change on Wednesday with a proposal to replace the Obama administration’s climate policies with a tax on carbon … Continued

The Republican Carbon Tax Is Republican, Say Republicans

WASHINGTON, D.C.—From a politics and policy standpoint, it’s brilliant. The United States has a problem: runaway climate change, which will degrade or damage agriculture, biodiversity, coastal cities, and the social … Continued

Tax carbon emissions and give the money to ordinary Americans, says group of prominent conservatives

Several prominent economists, businessmen and government figures, many of whom have served under Republican presidents, say taxing carbon emissions and putting the dividends back in the pockets of Americans would … Continued

Republicans Tell Their Party It’s Time to Address Climate Change

A group of Republican elder statesmen called on their party’s leadership to address climate change by enacting a carbon tax to replace much of the Obama-era environmental regulation. The plan, … Continued

Prominent Republicans Pitch Carbon-Tax Plan to Top Trump Aides

A group of prominent Republicans and business leaders pitched a tax on carbon dioxide to top White House aides Wednesday, selling the plan as an economic win that could drive job growth … Continued

Senior Republican statesmen propose replacing Obama’s climate policies with a carbon tax

Representatives from a coalition of veteran Republican officials — including five who have either served as treasury secretary or as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers — met Wednesday … Continued

GOP senior statesmen making push for a carbon tax

A group of Republican senior statesmen are pushing for a carbon tax to combat the effects of climate change, and hoping to sell their plan to the White House. Former … Continued

Republican elders float carbon tax, plan White House lobbying campaign

Hoping to jump-start the debate on climate change, a group of high-profile Republicans that includes three former Cabinet secretaries is calling for a substantial new carbon tax, and then to offset … Continued

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